All services are under contract with precise terms. Services will be invoiced as well.

Editing Services: Line and word editing available. Developmental editing services are available based on project and length of novel.

Basic Packages: If you need multiple items (see below) please email A package rate can be negotiated.


Developmental Editing
Fiction$46–$50/hr$.03–$.039/wd4–6 pages/hr


Proofreading, fiction$31–$35/hr$.02–$.029/wd11–15 pages/hr
Proofreading, nonfiction$36–$40/hr$.02–$.029/wd7–10 pages/hr


Writing (work-for-hire only), journalism$51–$60/hr$.31–$.50/wd1–3 pages/hr
Writing (work-for-hire only), other$51–$60/hr$.21–$.30/wd1–3 pages/hr