Shival, omnipotent god, son of the Unknown Goddess and the Babylonian god Marduk, spends his days basking in his greatness and fawning over his boyfriend – until he dumps him.  Shival discovers that his powers are cut in half, unbeknownst to Shival after arriving on the planet Vardyn a world where magic has led to an evil to spread.  The village of Desiqar is cursed to relive aa cycle of endless death.  Shival is joined with the bosomy priestess Cerulia, to break the curse and save all Vardyn from the malignancy of the Dread Lord Desiq.  Shival must journey to the far side of the world, must discover the truth of Desiq’s evil, with the help of Bodhan the blind lecher who has more secrets than a brothel master, and Myraden a drunken warrior running from his past. Together they each have the power to destroy the Dread Lord, with a strength of will, and untested prowess.  

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