By The Stars and Trees

“When the elven mage, Sylandris meets Tandros of Belriq, a journey to prevent a war becomes of paramount importance.  As the pair make their way to Elvhaven, they are drawn into a race to stop Lord General Horatio Flambeaux from eradicating the Elven race and take over the world.  While Sylandris battles with his prejudices, he learns that avarice and hatred have no place in his world.  Through magic and cunning, Sylandris and Tandros, save the day and the Elves of Elvhaven.”

As the current thesis project, By the Stars and Trees, is a grim dark fantasy novel set on the world of Vardyn. A world of legends, intrigues, mythical and mystical creatures. A world at war with itself and its peoples.

There are themes at work within this novel, such as bigotry, avarice, LGBTQIA+ motifs and relationships.

The current word count of this project is 80,355 words; at completion, the word count is set for 120,000 words. The thesis portion of this project is fully complete at 80,355 of 80,000 words.

Shadows of the Eldaninari

Book Two is in the works already! Hard to believe that so soon after By the Stars and Trees was finished that the adventure would continue.

Continue the journey following Sylandris and Tandros.

Stay tuned here for further updates on this project.