It’s finished!

That’s right folks, it’s finished. By the Stars and Trees is complete at a little over 80,000 words!!

When I began this project, I had little doubt that I would be working on it still after almost 2 years. The more that I worked on this story, the more I fell in love with everything that I had written. Sure, there were hiccups along the way and there were definite moments where it was extremely frustrating. But I managed and kept forging ever onward.

Brief Update:

The revision process has already begun and I am slowly making my way through the course of this story. I’m finding it to be the hardest part of writing this book, at the moment. Even though, I’m dreading the idea of having to cut anything out, I am working hard to make sure that I don’t have to cut anything that I feel would change the story.

As I progress through the manuscript, I continue to work some edits in. I’m also reading it like it’s the first time. As I read the misadventures of Sylandris and Tandros, I feel emotionally committed to the story. However, I feel that I can improve the story by making it more emotionally enriched.

Thus far, some changes have been made. A few lines taken out or moved around to places where they fit better. Overall, by the end of summer I should be done with revisions. That’s the plan at the present moment, at least, though nothing is set in stone.

What Does The Future Hold?:

Since I haven’t exactly active with this blog, and I do apologize for my lack of presence here, I will be making more of a commitment to my audience here. With that in mind, over the next couple of months I will begin writing here a little more often, schedule depending. At the moment that isn’t going to be very often. But I shall strive to write more content and updates.

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