With nine chapters to go before By the Stars and Trees reaches its conclusion, I have tried to keep my readers updated about this project religiously. Since that hasn’t happened, I have fallen short of my mission.

As many of you know, By the Stars and Trees is my MFA thesis, a project that began in June 2020. Since then, it has taken a lot of hard work, time, blood, sweat, and tears to reach 58,784 words, and seventeen chapters later, I have reached nearly 60,000 words.

As of today, part one of my thesis has been submitted. In a couple more weeks, my second submission will be due, ready for that particular deadline. There will be two more submissions after that before revisions will begin.

By the Stars and Trees has turned out to be much more than my thesis; it has become a project that I am passionately proud of. It is a project that has taken real dedication to create.

With that, I will add this: By the Stars and Trees is an original work of an overactive imagination, from the world of Vardyn to the crazy creatures. 

While some things may appear sensitive to some readers, I strived to ensure that those things aren’t too graphic. I’m not a writer that wants readers having flashbacks or panic attacks. 

Querying for By the Stars and Trees will begin later in 2021. 

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