Weixin, China’s Popular Social Networking App

Forgive this interruption, once again, I bring you another marketing blog.  Social networking apps are continually being developed and released on the App stores every day. Today we are taking an in-depth look at China’s Weixin. Weixin (way-shin), a popular Chinese social networking app similar to WhatsApp in the US, and Line in Japan; allows … Continue reading Weixin, China’s Popular Social Networking App

Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

Again, sorry for interrupting your regularly scheduled pieces of various nonsense, for yet another important message. It’s October, folks! Halloween is around the corner, but more importantly its Breast Cancer Awareness Month; a cause near and dear to my heart. Every October, individuals, businesses, and organizations celebrate National Breast Cancer Awareness Month (Mahoney & Tang, … Continue reading Breast Cancer Awareness Month!