This is the news that I have been sitting on for the last couple of days, that I have been patiently waiting to share with my readers.

  1. I recently received an invitation to the International English Honor Society – Sigma Tau Delta. I have accepted this invitation, because it opens some doors professionally speaking in regard to my writing. I’m honored to be even receive this invitation, and even more so to accept it.
  2. My work in progress, lovingly titled “By the Stars and Trees” is just below the halfway mark in words, at 47,000 words. This is an important and significant milestone for me as a writer, because I have never reached this point before with anything that I have written for public consumption.
  3. This last piece of news regard the classes at SNHU. I have 5 classes remaining before completing the MFA Program. A lot of hard work has gone into every one of these courses, and the end is in sight. This term is the last of the main courses, and the ones follow focus entirely upon my thesis novel/WIP. I have a lot of work yet to do, and I know that these specific thesis writing courses will put my WIP to the test. I have faith that I will exceed the standards and expectations of the University in this area.

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