I recently shared 2 posts, that were deeply personal. I posted these pieces because a fan of my work asked me to write my “origin story,” so that people would get an idea of the things that I have experienced. This was a mistake on my part. 

It was never my intention to make anyone uncomfortable or anything else. I was not looking for sympathy or pity from anyone. My only intention was to tell my story, to get the closure that I’ve never been allowed to attain. 

I wrote about the people that claim familial ties to me, the abuse I endured as a child, and the other traumatic experiences. All of it is 100% the truth. I didn’t write these pieces because I was trying to exact revenge. I wrote them because I have been denied the right to seek closure so that I can move on with my life without having to carry that burden upon my shoulders. 

I apologize to everyone that has read them. I’m sorry that I have somehow offended the people that have taken the time to read them. I’m sorry that some of you believe that I fabricated these events. 

I have ruined my reputation by posting “Heartache, Loss, and Endless Pain” parts 1 &2. I have threatened the integrity of my message with these two posts. For that I am sorry.

With that in mind, as of 12AM Eastern time these posts will no longer be available. As for the rest of the blog, I have not yet decided if it will remain as it appears. I’m sorry that I have let each and every one of you down. 

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