It has been a while since I last wrote anything about my writing, I apologize for this major delay. Life took precedence over keeping this blog updated with any kind of regularity, forcing me to put everything except the most essential things on the back burner and I’m sorry.

As many of you may know, I’ve been working on my MFA at Southern New Hampshire University, with the main thing being my thesis novel. About 3 months ago, I changed what that massive project is. The “The Patron God of Fools” is presently on hold until after I finish my MFA.

Which brings us to the current project, the new thesis novel: By the Stars and Trees. Since beginning this as my thesis, I feel that the slight change in pace has allowed me to explore my writing skills as well as helped to expand my understanding of the speculative fiction genre as a whole. It’s also giving me a chance to expand my creative nature. So what’s the story?

“Sylandris, and Elven mage, whose hatred of humans began a century ago with the First Invasion of Elvhaven. When Tandros of Belriq stumbles upon Sylandris, both must join forces and cast aside their distrust to save the Elven race from extinction at the hands of a bloodthirsty Lord General Horatio Flambeaux.”

By the Stars and Trees explores a couple of motifs, such as avarice, bigotry, and heteronormative bias that affects society.

Moving forward with this project, I am working as hard as possible to continue writing. Though the end product of this project requires 85,000+ words, I have written to-date 13,626 words. I am writing roughly 2,000 words per day, which may not seem very significant to some; it is still helping put a dent in that final word count goal.

With the current public health crisis, COVID-19 and Tennessee’s current “shelter-in-place” orders still in effect; getting words on the page has become a little easier to do.

The only thing that is making all this work a bit harder, is day-to-day work, my health and the temporary blindness of my left eye (which is getting better with the help of intravitreal injections. Though it may feel most days like I am going at a snail’s pace, rest assured I’m slightly ahead of my schedule of my chapter and scene work.

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