Trying to find a wider range of readers of a story is hard, without going into a whole tirade on logistics and technical babble speak, I had to make an executive decision.

I had been sharing chapters of The Patron God of Fools on WriteSpike for a few months, and it never occurred to me that I couldn’t gauge the metrics used to “Spike” a story. Anyone that writes using Wattpad, or even writing a blog, knows that metrics matter. A writer can discover demographics of their readers. WriteSpike doesn’t offer this kind of information to its writers or readers. It’s all fine and dandy to have over 6700 spikes, but who are these people? Why did they spike the story? There’s no way to find out this information.

With these specific needs presenting themselves, I choose to move from WriteSpike to Wattpad. Granted I don’t know a great deal about how Wattpad measures this data, a user is able to at least see the data and make those crucial judgment calls that lead to improvement of one’s writing. I’m not disparaging WriteSpike, it is a great site that offers writers the opportunity to present their work in an encouraging environment, but it lacks any way to heuristically measure anything.

So today, I signed up with Wattpad, and posted the first 2 chapters of The Patron God of Fools to see how well they are received and to discover something new about my audience. With this data, I can focus this site better, as well as cater to those people that read my work. Marketing at its best!

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